A Band. Just For You.

Bandora lets you create band arrangements and playbacks for your songs in seconds. Choose from over 550 band styles and 20 genres, add your own intros, fill-ins and endings to create your own song. Use over 7,000 Musician Styles to personalize your song even more. Import and export in MIDI format and collaborate with other music applications.

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Create, arrange and produce songs with just a few clicks

As a musician you sometimes face yourself alone with your creative ideas. Are you writing a song, want to improve your performance or try out musical ideas? You want to live out your creativity and make your work easier?

Then Bandora is perfect for you. Bandora is the musical companion for your creativity. Bandora is fun, stimulates your ideas and combines them into a whole song. As if you had written a new song with your band in the rehearsal room or worked together with your colleagues on melodies, arrangements or song structures.

With just a few clicks you can create a virtual band out of your hat, create accompaniments, customize parts and styles and create your very own song - all on your own!

What you can do with Bandora

  • Create accompaniments: Choose from more than 550 band styles and 20 genres. Add your own drum parts from over 370 patterns. Use the inspiring Create feature with a simple mouse click to let Bandora compose creative accompaniments  and play them directly.
  • Add and edit song parts: Add intros, drum fills and endings to your song to personalize it. Edit accompaniments and chords to make it your very own. Use quantization or the humanizer for an even more individual sound.
  • Create your own styles: Choose from more than 7,000 musician styles. Create new band styles to add your signature to each song. Customize each instrument to your needs and taste and make Bandora the ultimate tool for your own style.
  • Import and export MIDI: Import melody lines, chord sequences or entire songs to Bandora and process them there as you like. Export the result via MIDI to open, edit and play it with other music or notation programs.

💫 Spark Ideas to work with in another DAW or with other musicians!

Live Control with Ableton and 3rd Party Instruments and Effects:

Who is Bandora for?

Band members and musicians

Use Bandora to practice your instrumental or vocal parts with full band accompaniment or just one rhythm or drum track. Try new breaks, fill-ins and transitions. Be inspired by new musician styles. Change parameters such as tempo and key to improve your playing skills. Try out other grooves or genres and expand your horizon.

Songwriters and composers

Import your song ideas - whether a melody line or chord sequence - via MIDI import into Bandora. Give your creativity a new boost with Bandora's Create feature. Try out your ideas directly by adding accompaniments and listening to them in the band context. Organize your parts and turn them into a complete and varied song.

Producers and 
music innovators

Try out new styles and patterns and test your creative song ideas. Create your own beats and accompaniments. Individualize arrangements until they match your personal style. Use Bandora's creative input and get inspired by it. Use MIDI export to further process the result into music notation or other music programs.

Entertainers and
live performers

Create band accompaniments to your live performances to replace entire bands and ensembles. Use the playback feature in Bandora or the MIDI export to play accompaniments with other applications. Create a wide variety of accompaniment tracks according to your style to support your live performance.

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