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Our Bandora team consists of passionate musicians, software developers and product managers. We're dedicated to making your life easier with tools that let you pursue your passion for music.

Every musician knows the problem: You have a little melody line, a song idea or a chord sequence. But to turn your idea into a real song and check if it works, you need more than that. This is where Bandora comes in: With just a few clicks, you can create a virtual band out of nothing, create accompaniments, customize parts and styles to create your own song - all on your own.

Bandora was created by Lugert Verlag, which has been working since the 1980s to make everyday musical life and music education easier. In 2005 our successful notation software FORTE was launched - and after many years of work and software development we finally released the first version of Bandora in 2018.

A whole band - just for you

... and always available: This is our goal with Bandora. Band accompaniments from all genres, creative ideas, individual parts and styles: Bandora helps you to build real songs out of a small melody or chord sequence.

"[Bandora] is an exciting tool for music teachers and students, entertainers and musicians looking for accompaniment. This software for Windows creates accompaniments for (general) MIDI using 554 styles of various genres and chord sequences - and it does it very skillfully."

Source: www.delamar.de

The Bandora Team

Dr. Wulf-Dieter Lugert

Product Strategy and Development

Dr. Wulf-Dieter Lugert first founded the Lugert publishing house in 1981. He’s in charge of Bandora's product strategy and development, and is highly knowledgeable in both music and software.

Marvin Juchems-Fellinger

Content & Product Specialist

Marvin is a passionate vocalist and speaker. With experience on various instruments and his degree in music production, he is fascinated by the possibility of combining music and computers. Marvin helps our customers with any Bandora content.

Barbara Mailbeck

Marketing & PR Manager

Barbara works with the Bandora support team. She also writes our newsletters and website content. Barbara is a musicologist and regularly attends various orchestras. Whenever possible, she likes to go out for a run.

Our Story

In Handorf near Hamburg you'll find the Bandora team working on one of the most innovative music arranging and composing software solutions. We are a team of developers, product managers, musicologists and marketing experts - but first and above all we are passionate musicians. As specialists in music software, we bring together music know-how, software expertise and product design. Our goal: To create a virtual band just for you, that transforms little musical ideas into your individual song.

Here is our story: From the foundation of Lugert Verlag to the development of Bandora. 

The Lugert publishing house

The Bandora team was dreamt up inside the Lugert publishing house.

Dr. Wulf-Dieter Lugert started working in the industry more than 20 years ago. He had a vision for combining musical education with contemporary and modern content. It was this vision that led to the creation of the Lugert publishing house.

Since that time, we have offered music education resources for children of all ages from kindergarten to high school. We are committed to helping children and young people experience the diversity and potential of music... and learn to use it in their own lives and develop themselves through it.

Releasing FORTE notation

In 2005, we also began to release our FORTE notation software. FORTE combines the benefits of making music and of emerging digital opportunities for music teachers, choir directors, hobby musicians... and music-lovers everywhere.

Ever since, FORTE has become a worldwide success and is now one of the leading music notation solutions on the market.

Over the years spent developing FORTE, it became clear to us that software for musicians can be more than just a very useful tool for writing music. We wanted to creatively support songwriters and composers in developing their song ideas to help them turn small ideas into a whole song.

Bandora is born

This is how the idea for Bandora was born: Bandora helps you to transform little melodies or chord sequences into a real song with just a few clicks. You can quickly add complete band accompaniments, create a virtual band out of a hat, or even customize parts and sounds to create your very own songs and styles.

After months of conception, product design and development, the solution is finally here with Bandora. And we are far from finished with it. We are constantly working on making Bandora even better so that it becomes the perfect tool for arranging, composing and producing. We are very excited about the future!

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