Create entire songs from simple melodies and chords with just a few clicks. Choose from more than 550 styles and 20 genres, add your own intros, fill-ins, and endings to create your own song.

Save your song as a MIDI file and import it into other music software.


Arrange a band accompaniment from
a melody or chord sequence.

$ 39


Create your personal song and edit
your own parts and styles.

$ 89

Bandora Producer

Produce a song, create your own styles
and define your individual sound.

$ 169

Product Details

Product Details

Product Details


Create accompaniment with one button
Automatic composer / arranger
Choose from more than 550 band styles
Choose from more than 370 drum styles
Add automatic drum fills
MIDI playback and mixing console
MIDI import and export
More than 7,000 musician styles
Edit band styles and chord voicings
Quantize / humanize
Compose with pianoroll
Create your own musician styles and voicings
Individual layout and mix features




System requirements

Bandora requires a computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10. Apple systems are currently not supported.

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